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This template is recommended to keep a minimum of information required for each biography or just personal data.


  1. Upload a photo using the Upload file in the toolbox menu on the left. Suggest that you name the file in a format Firstname_LastName.jpg and provide a description for your photo. Recommended width of picture=(w)225px by (h)300px.
  2. Copy and paste the template as shown below into an article and then fill in the desired fields. Do not leave any parameters blank. If no information, just put in Not Available.
==Personal Summary==
{{Infobox Person
| image          =Default_Photo.jpg <!---Please replace Default image with new filename, prefixed with your username --->
| caption        =Photo sumbitted by L.Raja (2007)
| kelabit_name   =Sinah Raja Dita
| title          =[[Sinabu]] for nephew Joshua Little
| birth_date     =7th October, 1968
| birth_place    =Bario, Sarawak
| longhouse      =[[Ulung Palang]]
| education      =(B.Eng Hons) Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bath University, England in 1991
| occupation     =Process Engineer (Oil&Gas)
| spouse         =[[Robert Tucker]]
| parents        =[[Petrus Lawai Busan]], [[Sarah Sakai]]
| children       =Devong Tucker
| siblings       =[[Anthony Ngimat]], [[Philip Raja]], Marilyn Raja, Julia Raja, [[Lilla Raja]], Lorrain Gala, Peter Raja
| Perm_Location  =Miri, Sarawak
| Curr_Location  =Rotterdam, Netherlands

[[category:People |Lolly Raja ]]
[[category:Engineer |Lolly Raja ]]
[[category:Ulung Palang |Lolly Raja ]]


  1. The information in double square brackets are links to other articles within Kelabit Wiki. If there is no article available, clicking on it will prompt you to create a new article.
  2. Please categorise the data by filling in the category at the end of the page. More categories can be added using the same format.

Here how it looks:

Personal Summary

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
Photo sumbitted by L.Raja (2007)
Kelabit Name Sinah Raja Dita
Title Sinabu for nephew Joshua Little
Born 7th October, 1968
Place of Birth Bario, Sarawak
Longhouse/Village Ulung Palang
Education (B.Eng Hons) Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bath University, England in 1991
Occupation Process Engineer (Oil&Gas)
Spouse Robert Tucker
Parents Petrus Lawai Busan, Sarah Sakai
Children Devong Tucker
Siblings Anthony Ngimat, Philip Raja, Marilyn Raja, Julia Raja, Lilla Raja, Lorrain Gala, Peter Raja