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[01/07/2018, 03:17:00] Esther Bala: How about use lalud for power?
I am not sure the word for authority. But the older generation always say kuasa lalud Tuhan. “Merey kuasa mey lalud mudi ngen kamih.”
Kapeh word bisa’?
‎[01/07/2018, 12:09:00] Dr. Son Radu: ‎<attached: 00008887-PHOTO-2018-07-01-12-09-00.jpg>
[01/07/2018, 12:54:30] Dennis Meddan Long: Mantap DrSonAranTuan. Lam igu sinih keduih kerab nier translation of 1 & 2 Peter. Atlast got access to my computer.
[01/07/2018, 13:02:34] Dr. Son Radu: PTL
[01/07/2018, 13:17:42] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Yes, we have to differentiate between the two.
[01/07/2018, 13:22:19] Dr. Son Radu: So far...lalud is used for authority in our translated text...
[01/07/2018, 14:41:19] Doris Nawan: Hmmm ... I thought lalud has elements of miraculous? Kuasa can hv 2 dimensions, one without miraculous (a synonym with lalud) and another - bestowed/delegated/given authority with no miraculous elements .
[01/07/2018, 14:57:07] ‪+60 19‑226 1862‬: Kuasa....authority
[01/07/2018, 16:37:10] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: 👌👍
[01/07/2018, 16:45:14] Winnie Bulan: Lalud = powerful
[01/07/2018, 16:51:52] Muring Apu: Tu’eh...strong?
[01/07/2018, 17:00:50] Esther Bala: I like this too
[01/07/2018, 17:02:29] Muring Apu: Doo’ tu’eh neh
Doo kail neh
How’s that?
[01/07/2018, 17:24:43] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Just like: he’s strong, he’s powerful. Same meaning
[01/07/2018, 17:35:20] Muring Apu: Tq & blessings. 😄
[02/07/2018, 02:14:54] Sinabu Lucy Bulan: Because of our lack of Kelabit vocab it is possible to use lalud for both authority and miracle.
[02/07/2018, 02:24:47] Tingang Trang: This herb concoction/medication is powerful/strong /effective
Galih tabat sinih?
[02/07/2018, 03:18:48] Sinabu Lucy Bulan: 👍👍 Good one.
[02/07/2018, 03:22:49] Tingang Trang: Bisa’ karuh Tuhan.
Bisa’ sebayang/putuh iyeh neh.
[02/07/2018, 04:47:32] ‪+60 19‑486 3880‬: Peru'an berumidang ngen tauh. Edteh men karuh suk .. tanu' ... ken na'em tidih mukjizat/miracle

‎: [02/07/2018, 05:19:02] Esther Bala: ‎<attached: 00008906-PHOTO-2018-07-02-05-19-02.jpg> ‎: [02/07/2018, 05:19:02] Esther Bala: ‎<attached: 00008907-PHOTO-2018-07-02-05-19-02.jpg>

[02/07/2018, 11:35:32] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: To enrich our lingo, we can use two different words: bisa’ is good (a modern word commonly used).
[02/07/2018, 11:37:50] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Tanu’ used by old folks for curse. The curse of God: tanu’ Tuhan - Kelabit Merriit leh.
[02/07/2018, 11:40:17] Mutang Paturan: Not needsarily curse..tanu' is tanda/signs of things that happens/will happen.
[02/07/2018, 11:40:31] Mutang Paturan: *necessarily*
[02/07/2018, 11:45:48] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Yes, agree! Common use of the vocabulary is sign (good or bad)
[02/07/2018, 11:45:57] Tingang Trang: Tanu’ means a sign from God in different forms, usually an expression of righteous anger? It has have a positive connotation, : depending on contexts?
[02/07/2018, 11:47:00] Mutang Paturan: 👍🏻👏🏻
[02/07/2018, 11:47:12] Mutang Paturan: 👍🏻👏🏻
[02/07/2018, 12:50:10] Dato Robert Lian: Kapam Kinanids, Tanu’ adteh karuh/buriq nuk pelaba mebpat pedengeren narih keh. Kuh kuan kinanid EJU neh, kineh teh ilung dih lem : karuh tauh lun pedayeh ngilad. Adteh etu Tuhan laq madaq tauh(ukum keh).
Seh subang linuh🙏🙏👍👍😂😂👏👏🙏🙏
[02/07/2018, 13:21:35] Winnie Bulan: Tada' ....teh ken karuh anak kadi' nuk mudtih kinih terun
[02/07/2018, 13:22:22] Winnie Bulan: The word made simole?
[02/07/2018, 13:22:37] Winnie Bulan: Simole=simple
[02/07/2018, 16:25:45] Lolly Raja @S'RajaDita: Signs and wonder = tanu’ mey lalud?
[02/07/2018, 16:31:39] Roland Terawe: tanu' mey nuk inan mawa.
[02/07/2018, 16:56:54] Muring Apu: Etu nuk inan mawa
[02/07/2018, 17:07:52] Roland Terawe: tanu' mey nuk midih inan mawa.
[02/07/2018, 17:09:12] Roland Terawe: tanu' mey nuk midih baliew inan mawa.
[03/07/2018, 03:35:10] Gerawat Nulun: lf we say we want to preserve the Kelabit language for our younger generations (anak kadi'), why do we have to quote "ken karuh anak : kadi' (adi') nuk mudtih kinih"? Please be more confident in your input/out. l do not mean to be rude; but do forgive me if the way l express my stand on our task of preserving our Kelabit language.
[03/07/2018, 03:35:18] Gerawat Nulun: Gd mng all. My take on TANO' (l never heard it pronounced as TANU) is that it os a sign from God; and may even be a miracle! l present this position because it is a word we Kelabits came to know after the advent of Christianity into our community. Kelabots started using it as a new addition to our vocabulary, in the same way we adopted words like BUKUH, PEN, SKULEH, etc. lt is highly likely that it is originally a Lun Bawang word.
[03/07/2018, 03:35:59] Gerawat Nulun: if the way l express my stand on our task of preserving our Kelabit language sounds crude.
[03/07/2018, 03:38:32] Mutang Paturan: Sukung...get as close as possible to the Kelabit words/vocab unless we hust can't find any. We have already agreed on that before.
[03/07/2018, 03:40:57] Mutang Paturan: I think it's tanu' as used heard by Pa Mada accent bro.