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How I'm helping

  1. Founder Kelabit Wiki (Moderator)
  2. Add words that I know.
  3. Submit photos
  4. Ask Questions

Ask Me

You are invited to my Talk Page

Personal Summary

[[Image:|thumb|right|Lorrain Gala
Photo taken in 2003]]

Kelabit Name Sinah Raja Paran
Title Senamu for daughterEmmaly
Born 10th August, 1967
Place of Birth Marudi, Sarawak
Longhouse/Village Pa' Ukat
Spouse Kees Kik
Children Emmaly Kik, Michelle Kik
Siblings Gerawat Gala, Anthony Ngimat, Philip Raja, Marilyn Raja, Julia Raja, Lilla Raja, Lorrain Gala, Peter Raja, Grace Ramy Gala