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How I'm helping/How I'm involved in the Kelabit Community

  1. Provide photos for Kelabit Wikipedia
  2. Together with wife, Annemarie Howard, will be interviewing Kelabits regarding 'folk lore', stories, history, monoliths, Tom Harrison etc to document for Kelabit Wikipedia using video, photos and written notes.
  3. Together with wife, Annemarie Howard, will be assisting Kelabit community to set up several projects including a Community Care Centre, Specialist animal breeding projects, solar power projects and many more.
  4. Together with wife, Annemarie Howard, will be providing assistance in setting up 'Single Mother' in Bario with Joanna Joy.

Ask Me

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Personal Summary

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Richard Stuart Howard
Kelabit Name N/A
Title Mr.
Born December 17, 1978
Place of Birth Ashton-Under-Line, (United Kingdom)
Longhouse/Village Intend to settle in Pa' Umor
Education GCSEs in Art, Business, Geography, Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German.
Occupation Careworker working with elderly and disabled people. Also a pencil artist.
Spouse Annemarie Howard
Parents Robert Francis Howard (Father), Janet Babara Howard (Mother).
Children 2 step-children. James Blomley (Step-son), Gemma Thompson (Step Daughter).
Siblings Robert James Howard (Elder Brother)