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Welcome to the Kelabit Wiki Project

Photo by SRajaDita Dec 2003

Welcome to the Kelabit Wikipedia , a collaborative project which is a brainchild of the OKC forum [1] to produce an open and free repository of all things Kelabit. These could be the local flora and fauna found in the Kelabit Highlands, our history, Kelabit individuals (including those that have assimilated into the Kelabit culture and society), places, poetry, music, craft, folklore, community projects, local news, dictionary, food.. whatever. Every Kelabit is free to contribute their knowledge here. If your Kelabit is not too hot (let's face it, thats why we are embarking on the project), you can also contribute by requesting for articles. You know, asking questions. Ask a lot!!

Or help with submitting photos. See our articles that Need Photos.

Give a word a day to keep this project alive. Don't let our language die.

Read the GET STARTED info under Help (Left menu) first, or dive straight in by clicking one of selected articles below that require editing.

Terima Kasih,

SRajaDita 28 July 2007

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