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1. arar manuk let ngen rakak dari.
2. inan lun nuk ngeraad perungudtung kumaq na'it baka (mey nuk beken-beken), tu'en deh mudut lem erang da'an kayuh.


Kelabit - English:

1. rapey - bird's nest made from small twigs
- Only for certain kinds of birds e.g kukur, meto, keniu, gamit etc... you cannot say rapey pirit, or rapey berengiran
- Rapey is less finished in appearance compared to arar. In general, the building materials used in rapey are relatively coarser than that used for arar.
2. rapey - a temporary shelter
- usually built between branches of a tree by hunters, while waiting for wildboar and other game to appear

Kelabit - Bahasa Malaysia: