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How I'm helping

  1. Founder Kelabit Wiki (Admin) (Temabu adds..: of course from an original idea provided by Temabu my husband)
  2. Add words used in OKC [1] or anywhere I find them (including my own brain).
  3. Change red words to articles
  4. Categorise articles
  5. Mark articles STATUS - that require info, need further editing, submitted for review, and validated. This is the same process as categorising.
  6. Format articles
  7. Add links (internal and external)
  8. Submit photos
  9. Ask Questions
  10. Get others to help build this Kelabit Wiki
  11. Technical help to other editors where I can

Ask Me

Do you have a question for me? You are invited to my Talk Page.

Personal Summary

Lolly Raja aka Sinabuq Raja Dita
Photo taken in 2003
Kelabit Name Sinah Raja Dita
Title Sinabuq for nephew Joshua Little
Born 7th October, 1968
Place of Birth Bario, Sarawak
Longhouse/Village Ulung Palang
Education Bachelor Degree (B.Eng Hons)in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bath University, England in 1991
Occupation Process Engineer (Oil&Gas)
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