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Pera'ung Edto.
Photo by Peing Tajang (31-Aug-2017)


Kelabit - English
1. edto (dto) - day
edto kinih - today
edto riak - tomorrow
edto periak - the next day
edto riak edteh - day after tomorrow
edto ma'un - the day before yesterday
edto bulan - date
edto rayeh - a big celebration day or festival
tuped edto - noon
medto - afternoon
edteh edto - one day
mudtih edto - in the future
edto rayeh (edto rayeh Krismas/Kinaq) - a celebration day or festival (e.g Christmas/Chinese New Year)
edto edteh, edto dueh.. - Monday, Tuesday..
tebudto - all day
2. edto (dto) - weather
dooq edto - good weather
da'at edto - bad weather
masab edto - a freak weather

See also "Talking about the weather"


Kelabit - Bahasa Malaysia
1. edto (dto) - hari
edto kinih - hari ini
edto riak - esok
edto periak - satu hari lepas
edto riak edteh - lusa
edto ma'un - ?
edto bulan - haribulan
edto rayeh -
tuped edto - tengah hari
medto - petang
edteh edto -
mudtih edto -
edto edteh, edto dueh.. - Isnin, Selasa ..
tebudto - sepanjang hari
2. edto (dto) - cuaca
dooq edto - cuaca bagus/baik
da'at edto - cuaca buruk (?)
masab edto -


Mala Lem Ayuq Edto (Talking about the weather)

Kelabit English Bahasa Malaysia
idang sun matahari
ma'it idang sunny cerah (?)
idang baka when an opening in the sky allows bright sunshine to occur in a place where it is raining/drizzling at the same time (?)
udan (noun) rain hujan
mudan (verb) rain hujan
udan rayeh heavy rain hujan lebat
udan dari rain shower hujan renyai-renyai
udan purey (purey-purey) drizzling ?
udan baka ? ?
udan batuh hailstorm ?
udan nepera ? ?
laput cloud laput
bariu wind angin
mawer bariu windy angin kencang (?)
legkuq thunder ?
pera'it (noun) lightning ?
mera'it (verb) lightning ?
batuh pera'it nicely shaped/formed stones traditionally attributed to a lightning ?
tegkang rainbow ?
pera'ung edto sun halo ?
lungung overcast mendung
lauq hot panas
teneb cold sejuk