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Lady in her Peta Ba'o Rawir
Photo by Freddie Ting
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Lady in her Peta Ba'o
Photo by Jon Townend
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a beaded cap
Bahasa Malaysia
topi manik


Peta Ba'o Rawir
The front of the peta (pata) is made of ba'o rawir (burnt orange coloured drinking straw beads) and edged with two rows of ba'o alai ma'un (yellow peanut beads). The sides of the peta is made with a panel of ba'o siaq (??), edged with ba'o semeraq and a panel of ba'o bataq flanged by white, black and red drinking straw beads. The ba'o siaq panel is repeated in the back.
A cap with new beads costs between RM800 and RM1,000, while an antique one is valued at about RM30,000. (1)
Peta Ba'o


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