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Kelabit - English:

1. bukuh - knot(s)
tebukuh - knotted
sebukuh - knots
2. bukuh - joint(s)
  • bukuh tulang - joints (of bones)
3. bukuh - book(s)

Kelabit - Bahasa Malaysia:

1. bukuh - ?
tebukuh - ?
2. bukuh - ?
  • bukuh tulang - ?
3. bukuh - buku




In olden days before Kelabits went to school( pre 1946) invitations to a function was made by word of mouth via messenger accompanied with a knotted string of rotan or ‘nuper killid’ ( tree bark twine /cord /rope). The knots ‘sebukuh’ denoted how many days the irau function to be held in near future. The recipient will unknot/ untie a knot from the day forward. On the last knot the villagers will start going towards the inviting village if it takes a day to reach or as the distance may be. Kelabit ‘appointments’ were made in the form of this ‘sebukuh’. [- Balangalibun]