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Tereng Mitem (Schima wallichii) (2)
Photo by Jenkaleh
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Tereng Budaq (Nyssa javanica)
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Common Name

Kelabit - Latin (1)
  • Tereng Budaq (Terang Buda) - Nyssa javanica
  • Tereng Buluh (Terang Bulu) - Nyssa javanica
  • Tereng Mitem (Terang Mitam) - Schima wallichii
  • Tereng Siaq (Terang Siah) - Schima noronhae


  1. The wood is used for knife handles (1)
  2. The wood is used for firewood (1)
  3. The tereng siaq is used for planks and frames indoors where it may last for more than 20 years; but it is rarely used because the bark may cause an allergic reaction. (1)


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