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Senguluh Bekang seen here rested on the nose of the Tela'o is used to carry the bekang over the head to distribute some of the weight off the shoulders
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Kelabit - English:

1. uluh - head
senguluh - a carry handle (usually woven from temar) that is used for carrying a bekang over the head
Ni'er burur kudih 
2. uluh - top, first
  • uluh edtan - top of the stairs
bekuluh - go first, or go without waiting for anyone

Kelabit - Bahasa Malaysia;

1. uluh - kepala
  • ma'it uluh - sakit kepala
  • uluh ba'ung - ?
  • upun uluh - ?
senguluh - ?
Ni'er burur kudih 
2. uluh - diatas, pertama
  • uluh edtan - diatas tangga
bekuluh - ?