Buaq pidang runut

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Buaq Pidang Runut
Photo by Jenkaleh
Buaq Pidang Runut
Photo by H Nicholson
Buaq Pidang Runut
Photo by French B. at Ecoport (3)


Common Names

  • Buaq Pidang Runut (Bua Pidang Runut)
  • Broad leafed bramble, Molucca Bramble (3)
  • Tumbuhan liar raspberi

Encyclopedic info

See also Buaq Pidang
Scientific name
Rubus moluccanus (1)
  1. R. moluccanus has a simple leaf and is a scrambling shrub reaching 2 to 3 m high. The stems and leaves are armed with medium sized spines. The leaves are large and lobed and the upper surface hairy. The leaf has a crinkled surface and the underside is white. The flowers are white and borne in clusters. The berries are about 1 cm across. They are red and with little flavour. Usually eaten by children. (3)
  2. The plant was formerly used in connection with ceremonies to keep peace with the spirits. (1)
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