Buaq pidang

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Busak Pidang & Buaq Mataq
Photo by Richard Howard
Buaq Pidang Laak
Photo by Richard Howard
Buaq Pidang Nukak
Photo by Richard Howard


Bu-a Pi-dang

Common Names

  • Buaq Pidang (Bua Pidang)
  • Roseleaf raspberry, thimbleberry, Mauritius raspberry (3)
  • Tumbuhan liar raspberi

Encyclopedic info

See also Buaq Pidang Runut
Scientific name
Rubus Rosifolius (1)
  1. A type of thorny bush which has edgy leaves. It has small, round green fruit, and when ripe turns red. Its fruit has a round soft seed in the centre. It taste sweet-sour.
  2. A spiny shrub. The leaves have 3 to 7 leaflets on opposite sides of the stalk. These are either smooth or hairy with lobed edges. They are green on both sides. The flowers are white. The fruit are red and about 1.5 to 2 cm across. They occur on their own or in clusters. They are juicy and tasteless. Usually eaten by children. (3)
  3. The plant was formerly used in connection with rice cultivation. (1)
  1. Sejenis pokok belukar liar. Buahnya kecil dan bulat berwarna hijau, dan apabila masak berwarna merah. Rasa buahnya manis-masam.

Example sentences

  1. Buaq Pidang inih dooq ulun lem patar iring rumaq kadang atau lem laman kerubau.
  1. Wild Raspberries grows well on fields surrounding the longhouse or buffalo range.
  1. Tumbuhan liar Raspberi ini biasanya bertumbuh di padang berdekatan dengan rumah panjang ataupun diatas padang kerbau.


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