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This template is recommended to keep a minimum of information required for each Plant for this Kelabit Wiki. It is for plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, roots, leaves, wood, trees. Any plant!


  1. Copy and paste the template as shown below into a new article and then fill in the desired fields.
  2. To include a word in the Dictionary, categorise the word by it's first letter (D in the example below). As durey is not a proper noun, do not capitalise the word durey after the pipe (|), to ensure that it is indexed under d and not D.
  3. To make a link to a word (or page) within Kelabit wiki, put the word in double square brackets like [[Kelabit word]].
  4. Other Wiki project links are prefixed with the project name [[Wiktionary:fish]] or [[Wiktionary:fish|fishing]] to display the derived word, but linked to the root word fish. Other language projects includes the language code ms for Bahasa Malaysia, id for Bahasa Indonesia, etc. The format is [[:Wiktionary:ms:ikan]]
<!---Replace 'Default_Photo.jpg with image filename --->
[[image:Default_Photo.jpg|thumb|'''Photo Caption'''<br>Photo by [[user:username|name]] ]]

==Common Name/s==
<!---If more than one common name per language, number each meaning--->
<!---Add pronunciation next to each common name--->
:Kelabit common name 01

:English common name 01

;Bahasa Malaysia
:Malay common name 01

==Scientific name==
<!---If more than one possible scientific name, number each possible name--->
<!---Add pronunciation next to each scientific name if known--->
# n/a

== Uses ==
<!---Write about uses e.g. used to make fabric. Used for food.--->
<!---add links to the vegetable/fruit produced if another page exists on here or Wikipedia will full details.--->
# n/a

==External links==
<!---Add link to Wikipedia if it appears in there.--->
<!---Add link to any other website which is relevent--->

<!---NOTES on categories--->
<!---Please change letter category D in the example to the first letter of the word UPPERCASE.  
The first character of the word following the | (eg. |durey) should be Capitalised for proper nouns only. --->
<!---Please change category 'Request Info' to 'For Edit' once the suggested sections have been filled --->
# n/a

[[Category:Vegetable| Durey]]
[[Category:Request Info| Durey]]

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Photo Caption
Photo by [[user:username|name]]

Common Name/s

English common name 01
English common name 01
Bahasa Malaysia
Malay common name 01

Scientific name

  1. n/a


  1. n/a

External links

  1. n/a

--Richard Howard 14:03, 31 August 2007 (CEST)