Ulun Peru'an

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Ulun Peru'an (A Blessed Life)

A poem by Tingang Trang [1] (02.06.2015) [shared on Facebook-Kelabit Network Group]

Kelabit English
Abe gaing, tuped awing. Spinning tops ear rings, neat hair splits.
Mirup wain, tudo pesiring. Sipping wine, sitting side by side.
Mula peru'an tudo lem inan, We feel blessed where we dwell,
Ni'er anak buluh ngen awan. Seeing our children in love with their spouses.
Mula' mupun kuh batuh renera, Numerous grand children like a shoal of stones (in a river),
Petad lawe me mupud kereja. Each to each after their careers.
Edto merar muli' lem arar, Coming home to celebrate the festivals,
Petulu burur tauh pesi'er. To meet again.
Idan edto narih la nalan, When it is time to leave,
Matun ulun bawang meligan. To live in that holy dwelling.
Tebudto, kedangan ngubur Tuhan, Praising the Lord day and night,
Lawa ai' abi peru'an. The source of grace and all blessings.